This will be a section where people will get their shout outs for helping us or came on our show as a guest. if you are a band, a writer, a comedian…whatever you want a link to, here is your section.

Trips With Angie
Angie is a friend of Tinky’s and Tinky’s girlfriend and is the show’s official travel agent. Flights, cruises, tours, maybe even donkey rentals. Don’t quote me on the donkey rentals though.

Sudden Dark
Sudden Dark is a Chicago area band that Tinky has known for a long time. They made a comeback so you must find them and check out one of their shows. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Lady Laura
Lady Laura is a Chicago area singer and musician who also was a member of I Fight Dragons. Follow her work as a solo artist on her Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and Youtube Channel. She is also active in an MS charity. Feel free to send in a donation here.

Dynamite Hack
Dynamite Hack is an Austin, TX band that is best known for their cover of “Boyz N Da Hood.” They do however have a few CD’s out with some awesome original material. Check out their facebook and twitter!

Matthew Ferris Band
Matthew Ferris Band is an Indianapolis/Butler University based band with a very awesome sound that frankly blew Tinky away. Check him out on Soundcloud, Twitter, and this article that Nuvo wrote about them.

Allister is a Chicago area punk pop band since the late 90’s. Follow them here on Facebook. Tim Rogner of Allister also has a solo accoustic Facebook page and he has a blog! Check it out here.

Bright and Early
Bright and Early is a Philadelphia based punk band that Radio Exposed found on the Alkaline Trio Tribute and became instant fans. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Kraken
Tinky is amongst a group of friends that receive texts from a very strage being called The Kraken. You don’t get these texts but you can read them on this very site or click here.

Tornado Rider
Tornado Rider is a unique rock band that features a cello. Very high energy band. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

August Premier
A Chicago area punk band that has rocked since 2000. Check them out on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pacific Ridge Records
A west coast label that has several bands in their stable and they put out some awesome tributes for bands like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio.

Rattlesnake Gunfight
Rattlesnake Gunfight is a fun band out of Sydney, Australia that meshes punk rock with some country sounds. Check out their facebook page and vote for songs on their EP here.

Wrigley Field Seagulls
The Seagulls are a new force to be reckoned with in Chicago. They report their shenanigans to the world on Twitter and Facebook.

Dickie and the Dogpound
Dickie done got himself a spinoff show! Follow him on twitter for his views on life and updates on his work.

Chicago XL Radio
Tinky’s Co-worker Tony got himself a podcast as if they were giving them away.

The Sweeps
The Sweeps are a Chicago based band. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Consumption JCT
Consumption JCT is a very entertaining podcast hosted by Bokeen and Miz Chartreuse.

A Southern Illinois band out of Danville, IL. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Blogstein
Dr. Blogstein is the #1 comedy show on blogtalk radio which is a spot Tinky and Louie would like to occupy. We understand you cant listen to us 24/7, so click on his show every once in a while.

Jamie Lono
Jamie Lono is a Chicago based Blues singer and guitarist also in a band named Sunshine and the Feel Good Nation. Check him out here on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Good Luck Jane
Good Luck Jane is a Chicago/U of I based rock band making some waves in 2011. For more info check out their TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or MYSPACE pages.

The Pimps
The Good Year Pimps have been Tinky’s favorite band for over a decade now. Follow them on twitter and on faceboook.
Eric Rupp and Aaron Steele, co-founders of is a supporter of Mayor Harry Baals from Fort Wayne, IN and created a wonderful way to let you support Harry Baals as well. Follow them on Twitter.

Smooth Lou
Smooth Lou is a podcaster, performer, human beatbox, and all around entertaining guy who joined the boys for a chat.

The West Suburban Special Recreation Association is formed by 9 West Suburban Chicago area park districts and two villages who work together to serve the recreation needs of their residents who have disabilities.

Cali Stylz
Cali Stylz is a hip hop artist who is making waves on Youtube with his Beer pong video. Check out his video here.

Edmond Klotz
Edmond Klotz works with Free Form Radio WDRD in Chicago.

John Mamola
Producer of the Mully and Hanley show and Co Host of the Joe O and Rock show on 670 the score in Chicago joined us for a chat. His name links to his Score show podcast page and here is a link to his blog page on

I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons is a Chicago based punk/nerdcore/chiptune band. They have a very unique sound that integrates Nintendo sound effects into their music.

Muff 7
Muff 7 is a Chicago based comedic hip hop group that joined the show on 12/26. They dont have a website but their name above links to a youtube video of their live performance.
Hollur is a social networking website that uses your voice instead of typed words.
The Third Man In is a hockey based podcast on It is a Chicago Blackhawks and hockey show hosted by Chris Block and Superstar.

Nick Strahanoski
Pop/Blues/Folk Singer from Lockport, IL

Hangover Helpers
Service in Boulder, CO that cleans up after your parties when you are too hungover and lazy to do it yourself. We sure hope this catches on and makes these guys rich enough to have people clean their place.

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