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Feb 13

The Beverly Brewmaster

The Beverly Brewmaster is a home brewer! Yeah Tinky can home brew too...in a Mr. Beer plastic bucket but the Brewmaster actually does real brewing. He talks about his craft right here. Go pour yourself a pint and take some notes!

Download the Beverly Brewmaster interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 22mb)

Nov 12

Sudden Dark

Radio Exposed interviews Chicago area band Sudden Dark.

Download the Sudden Dark interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 12mb)

Feb 12

August Premier II

Mickey from August Premier comes back onto Radio Exposed but this time he is joined by fellow bandmates Chris and Mark to talk about their upcoming album release for "Happy Miserable." We learned about how fun Happy Miserable was to record, their record label, a fun ticket and CD giveaway, and a fun drinking game using the board game "Trouble."

Download the August Premier II interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 14mb)

Feb 12

Lady Laura

Tinky and Louie interview Lady Laura, formerly of I Fight Dragons. Now she is a solo act and she talks about her new material, a new EP, upcoming shows, and a worthy charity she is raising money for. She also makes Tinky an awesome drink! Check out our friends page for some fun links!

Download the Lady Laura interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 13mb)

Jan 12

Dynamite Hack

Dynamite Hack is best known for their cover of "Boyz N Da Hood" by Eazy E in 2000 but they are also one of Tinky and Louie's favorite bands. Chad from the Hack stopped by for a chat to talk about their new album, how the band broke up, and how the band got its start.

Download the Dynamite Hack interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Dec 11

Matthew Ferris Band

Matthew Ferris from the Matthew Ferris Band joins us for a chat to talk about his music, his unique lyrics, recoding style, and his overwhelming love for Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce. Check him out on Soundcloud, Twitter, and this article that Nuvo wrote about them.

Download the Matthew Ferris Band interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Nov 11


Tim Rogner from Allister joins Radio Exposed to talk about Allister, Drive Thru Records, and his solo acoustic work

Download the Allister interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Nov 11

John "Rock" Mamola II

Good friend of the show and former 670 The Score host Rock Mamola joins Tinky and Louie again to talk about his move to Tampa and his new station The Sports Animal 620 WDAE in Tampa.

Download the John "Rock" Mamola II interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 5mb)

Nov 11

Consumption JCT II

Bokeen from Consuption JCT joined us again on our 1st Anniversary show. He talked with Tinky and Louie about politeness, over politeness, the elderly and hitting disabled people with flashlights.

Download the Consumption JCT II interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 7mb)

Oct 11

Bright and Early Interview

Radio Exposed interviews JB from Bright and Early...a punk band from Philadelphia. They were currently on tour in Chicago at the time. JB talks about the band, the Alkaline Trio Tribute, and cheese steaks.

Download the Bright and Early interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 7mb)

Oct 11

Tornado Rider

Interview with Rushad Eggleston from the Band Tornado Rider. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And find them on youtube because their videos are awesome and funny as hell.

Download the Interview with Tornado Rider (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 7mb)

Sep 11

August Premier

Radio Exposed interview with August Premier, Chicago area punk band that has rocked since 2000. Check them out on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Download the August Premier interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 6mb)

Aug 11

Rattlesnake Gunfight

Rattlesnake Gunfight is a fun band out of Sydney, Australia that meshes punk rock with some country sounds. Check out their facebook page.

Download the Rattlesnake Gunfight interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 5mb)

May 11

Wrigley Field Sea Gulls

The Seagulls are a new force to be reckoned with in Chicago. They report their shenanigans to the world on Twitter and Facebook.

Download the Wrigley Field Sea Gulls interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 3mb)

Apr 11

The Sweeps

The Sweeps are a Chicago based band. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Download The Sweeps interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 2mb)

Apr 11

Consumption JCT

Radio Exposed interviewed Bokeen from Consumption JCT, a Chicago area podcast that deals with important social issues combined with silly takes on life while at the same time drinking wine and scotch.

Download the Consumption JCT interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 5mb)

Mar 11


Radio Exposed interview with Burnoutbright, a Southern Illinois band out of Danville, IL. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Download the Burnoutbright interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 3mb)

Mar 11

Dr. Blogstein

Radio Exposed interviewed Dr. Blogstein, the #1 comedy show on blogtalk radio. We understand you cant listen to us 24/7, so click on his show every once in a while.

Download the Dr Blogstein interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Mar 11

Jamie Lono

Interview with Jamie Lono, a Chicago based Blues singer and guitarist also in a band named Sunshine and the Feel Good Nation. Check him out here on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Download the Jamie Lono interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 3mb)

Feb 11

Good Luck Jane

Radio Exposed interview with Good Luck Jane, a Chicago/University of Ilinois based rock band making some waves in 2011. For more info check out their TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or MYSPACE pages.

Download the Good Luck Jane interview (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 3mb)

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