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Jul 14

Sharknado Review

Tinky and Louie review the movie event of the century...Sharknado.

Jan 13

Whats Goin' On 12/28/2012

Our signature news segment "Whats Goin' On" is always a treat but this show's version is one of our best. We had edible food wrappers, naked beer pong, endangerd animal condoms, end of the world orgy, maple syrup cartels, sex offender laundry service, drive in sex boxes, words that should be banned in 2013, and things that stuck inside Americans in 2012.

Download the Whats Goin On 12/28/2012 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 22mb)

Jul 12

FM News Closure

Tinky predicted the station wouldn't last a year...and he was right. Here are the final critisisms of FM News 101.1 Chicago.

Download the FM News 101.1 Closure Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 21mb)

Jul 12

Radio Exposed Sex Quiz

Question...What sexual position are you? Tinky and Louie took a quiz that will determine their sexual position. You may be shocked, SHOCKED to find out what position they end up as.

Download the Radio Exposed Sex Quiz Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Jun 12

The Night Dad Went To Jail

Tinky and Louie read the childrens' book "The Night Dad Went To Jail" to the listening audience. If you or anybody you know have plans to attend one of our nation's many jails or prisons, you should have any children involved read this book first. Can't find the book? Listen to Tinky read it. This should be the book's audio version if you ask me.

Download the Night Dad Went To Jail Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 6mb)

Apr 12

Appointment TV

Appointment TV...defined as something you plan to take time to watch. In this case, we talked about those TV shows that you watched...something you probably had no business watching...strictly becase a hot girl was in the show. You have to listen to it for some of the names and TV shows that came from it.

Download the Appointment TV Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 14mb)

Aug 11

Alkaline Trio Tribute

Tinky and Louie's favorite band is Alkaline Trio. Pacific Ridge Records put out an Alkaline Trio Tribute album and Tinky reviews it. Here is a hint...he loved it! A must have for any Trio fan.

Download the Alkaline Trio Tribute Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Jul 11

FM News 101.1 Review

Tinky talks about a station that he has been very critical over since Merlin Media bought Q101. Here he makes his predictions about what is going to happen to FM News 101.1FM in Chicago.

Download the FM News 101.1 Review Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 6mb)

Jul 11

Steve Dahl and FM News 101.1

Tinky talks about the current state of Chicago radio starting with hating the holy hell out of Steve Dahl and his new paid podcast and then starting his public hatred for the new FM News 101.1 which took over the slot which Q101 had.

Download the Steve Dahl and FM News 101.1 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 6mb)

Apr 11

Abstinence Panties

Tinky found out that there is a new line of panties geared towards teens that promotes abstinence. Tinky also found out how creepy their ad campaign is.

Download the Abstinence Panties 4/24/2011 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Apr 11


Tinky signs up for a new dating website where men bid on the rights to actually spend hundreds on a date. Tinky obviously sets up an account as a female.

Download the Whatsyourprice.com 4/17/2011 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 3mb)

Apr 11

Scott Pilgrim Dating Lemons

Tinky draws a parallel between Scott Pilgrim vs The World and real life dating. He also compares dating to shopping for fruit.

Download the Scott Pilgrim Dating Lemons Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Apr 11

Average Sizes 4/3/2011

Tinky found a few maps that gave the average size of certain body parts that humans possess. He goes over some of this in uncomfortable detail.

Download the Average Size 4/3/2011 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 2mb)

Apr 11

Vodka Tampons

Radio Exposed has received word that there is a new way school kids are taking in their alcohol. That's right...with tampons. Radio Exposed uncovers this method.

Download the Vodka Tampons 4/3/2011 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 4mb)

Feb 11

Tinky's Diet 2/27/2011

Tinky talks about his life changing diet where he lost close to 90lbs since July of 2010. Tinky talks about how he did it, what he ate, how he worked out, and other tips and tricks.

Download the Diet Talk 2/27/2011 Segment (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 7mb)

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