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Nov 14

Radio Exposed 11/9/2014

It has been 4 years...Radioexposed.net started on November 7th, 2010. To celebrate such an occasion, we have put together a few of our favorite interviews from our 4 years behind the mics. Included are interviews from I Fight Dragons, Allister, Dynamite Hack, August Premier, Rattlesnake Gunfight, GotBaals.com, Lady Laura (Yes...her and I Fight Dragons on the same show), and Tornado Rider.

Download the November 9th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 93mb)

Oct 14

Radio Exposed 10/28/2014

Tinky and Louie recap Tinky's bachelor parties...both the fake party that was a front to announce the real party that took place in Las Vegas. There were some fun antics including craps, fun at dive bars, and Tinky got stuck in quicksand. The rest of the show celebrates the 4th anniversary of Radio Exposed on Radioexposed.net. We put together a great collection of our best moments over the past 4 years. Enjoy.

Download the October 28th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 168mb)

Sep 14

Radio Exposed 9/28/2014 (Radio Exposed Celebrity Death Pool 5 Draft)

Today we draft the 5th edition of the Radio Exposed Celebrity Death Pool. Some shocking names on the list this year along with some of the usual suspects. Was your favorite celebrity chosen by our panel of experts?

Download the September 28th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 50mb)

Sep 14

Radio Exposed 9/18/2014

Tinky and Louie start the show by programming the music for the cocktail hour at Tinky's wedding followed by eulogizing the Dealtainers at the Las Vegas property formally known as the Imperial Palace and the Quad. Other topics include why you need travel insurance, Celebrities who tip poorly, what hurts more...childbirth or getting kicked in the nuts, causes of morning wood, and Tinky talks about how bad he screwed up his credit and how he fixed it.

Download the September 18th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 45mb)

Aug 14

Radio Exposed 8/27/2014

Tinky addresses the ALS ice bucket challenge craze that is sweeping the nation. No...he did not dump fresh water on his head. Other topics that pop its way into the show include Shark Week, The 670 The Score midday show's Dan McNeil situation and the stations announcement about the new Midday show, and for some reason Tinky thinks he is Polish royalty. On the popular news segment, Whats Going On, Tinky talks about ALS Challenge fails, a new kind of booze, and death by bean bag chair.

Download the August 27th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 44mb)

Aug 14

Radio Exposed 8/8/2014

Tinky and Louie talk about why Louie has not been on the show before...computer issues! They get back into the swing of things by talking about Tinky's weird camping trip to Somerset, WI, the new Sim City, Sharknado 2, Tinky's honeymoon issues, the 18 most overrated beers, and a preview of the new Radio Exposed Celebrity Death Pool.

Download the August 8th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 51mb)

Jun 14

Radio Exposed 6/25/2014

Tinky talks about his unhealthy fear of nature, how funny it is watching old foreign people run or grieve, and how to fake a Chicago accent. Then he discusses putting a value on a sporting event and how comedians can come up with new material in the internet age.

Download the June 25th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 46mb)

Apr 14

Radio Exposed 4/24/2014

Tinky talks about his recent Caribbean Cruise and Louie has to listen...because he wasn't there. Now you have to listen! Tinky took the Celebrity Summit from San Juan to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antugua, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. If you are interested in seeing some videos Tinky took in St. Maarten of his airport experience, click HERE. If you are interested in booking a cruise though the show's official travel agent, click HERE!

Download the April 24rd, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 54mb)

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