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Oct 11

Meet Radio Exposed

Tinky and Louie

Radio Exposed is what happens when you give 2 broadcasting students an open microphone and no adult supervision. In March of 2003 at the Illinois Center For Broadcasting on WICB 104.9 The Edge, a super radio show was created with just about everybody from the January Nights 2003 class trying to fit into a jail cell with 3 microphones. This did not work. So a spin off show was created that featured Bob Krawiec and Matt Stafford. The pair soon realized that they were not good at this, but they just kept chugging along. Before the world can catch their breath, the bizarre duo had developed quite a name for themselves in the streets of Lombard, IL. Then they went to the internet. They broke the internet. They were #1 in New Zealand, they were #1 in the Polynesian Island of Starbuck (a fact that they will beat you over the head with), #1 in Antofagasta, Chile, and they were #2 in Boise, ID. But, things came to an end. The 2 graduated broadcasting school and went their separate ways...never to be heard from again....UNTIL NOW!!!! You can here them here on this website for 2 silly hours filled with tomfoolery, debauchery,  shenanigans, and douchebaggery. They will be bringing back "Whats Goin' On," horoscopes from The Onion, and their special brand of current event opinions. Your old favorite segments are coming back too such The 52 Most Wanted Celebrity Females. New things will be added as well such as live guests, underrated hottie of the week, sports picks, old movie reviews, and the irrational hatred moment of the week. With archived shows you can hear them anytime. We both hope you enjoy your Radio Exposed experience.

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