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Jan 14

Radio Exposed 1/16/2014

Tinky and Louie return from their unscheduled hiatus! They will talk about why they took their time off which involves Tinky's battle with technology. Tinky talks a little about the progress he is making on his wedding plans. Lastly, they talk about the world's relationship with the McRib. "Whats Goin On," their news segment, is quite good as well. There are a few 2013 best of compilations in there.

Download the January 16th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 56mb)

Nov 13

Radio Exposed 11/6/2013

Tinky talks about how his Bears vs Packers rooting interest can change mid-game followed by how little he cared about the death of Lou Reed. Then he dismisses online petitions. But it isnt all negative...he then talks about making beer and how he is graduating to making real beer, how music affects beer consumption, and he figures out how to abuse bitstrips.

Download the Novmeber 6th, 2013 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 62mb)

Oct 13

Radio Exposed 10/4/2013

Tinky talks about his engagement...to a human. No, seriously....he got a female to say "yes." He also talks about his trip to Louisville, KY where he proposed. In addition, he talks about his battle with people he follows on twitter, a review of "The Butler," and a weird confrontation he got into on a Metra train.

Download the October 4th, 2013 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 62mb)

Sep 13

Radio Exposed 9/11/2013

Tinky and Louie babble on about an incident involving Tinky's dogs, fashion things that they like or dislike, Kanye West selling a $120 tshirt, 90's songs for Louie's 20 year reunion, and they spend a long time talking about watching music videos and video game clips on youtube. Some pretty interesting music beds find their way onto the show as well.

Download the September 11th, 2013 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 60mb)

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