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Dec 11

TFK 12/01/11

Good morning all. Well its thursday only one more day untill the weekend and thank god for that. Also too its december now only 24 days of shopping left untill christmas. Unlike some people I know who have all or most of there shopping down I havent even started it yet. Which is weird because normally I would have mine done around now or in a week or so. But the last 2 years it seems I wait to the last mintue I guess because I dont ever have money for it anymore. So I was thinking and hear me out. Since I have been having a rough time trying to find a new job I was thinking of doing competive jousting. I was watching a tv show call knights of mayhem where this guy is trying to make heavy armor knight jousting into a sport. Can you imagine me in a full suit of jousting armor trying to get on a horse. That poor horse but atleast I know I can take the hits and falls well as some of you have seen. But still that poor horse I might have to get a clydesdale to do that. So let me know guy should I do knight jousting or not. O by the way I ended up shitting concret today. It came out a little soft and plyable but harden up while in the toliet bowl just thought you guys may wanted to know. Well I got to get going I ended getting a late start. I hope all of you have a great day and nick stop looking at those high school girls like. There not 18 yet give it time.
Nov 11

TFK 11/30/11


Good morning all. Well I dont want to be here today at work. My foot hurts for some reason and I am tried, do to all the tossing and turnning last night. I guess I had too much starwars on the mind that I couldnt fall asleep. Also to this morning I woke up having to poop really really bad and I plug up my toliet at home. It was so bad that the water filled right to the edge of toliet. And yes some did spill over when the plungger went into the bowl. Also and yes I did clean it up but not the water that drip into the basement ill let nature take care of that. So its getting colder out and I really dont want snow to come any time soon but I know the first snow is going to be a bad blizzard. Talking about yesterday real quick I would like to thanks those responding to my starwars question. All of you had good answer back but I got to give it to joe for having the better and faster answer. Kenny you fail by the way not one answer or comment back I am a little upset with you. You got to make time out of your busy to answer important starwar questions. So ill give you a chance to redeem yourself if you answer this starwars question. Also everyone else can answer also. In episodes 1 through 3 how many times does han ship appear in these movie. I think its only once but my brother thinks its twice. Well I should get going back to work you guys have a great day.

(Here is the confirmed video of this scence)

(Here is the rumored Falcon in Episode II, lower left corner near the orange thingy)

Nov 11

TFK 11/29/11

So good morning all. So today I forgot my phone as I was leaving for work. I notice that I didnt grab it when I was only a block away and I thought to myself what is the worst that can happen without it. Well I would have some angry friends but I was thinking bigger scale. By me not sending this morning text could have throw your guys daily work off which in turn could effect the entire eccomony. You are asking how. Each of you work in all differnt feild that your lack of peformance of being down could have a ripple effect. Ok look at dusty works for boeing defense he decieds to lack on a project because of no morning text bam china gets the the project. Look at nick hes a teacher of some sort he molds childern minds do I need to say more on that. Look at chris he does like HR shit someone will get fire if hes upset. Gordon will end up giving a school the wrong test reslut back. Which can effect the school itself. Joe can cause death itself if he makes a sturtal error in a drawing and no one catches it could cause a sub station to blow up and injure many or maybe a few but who knows. So yeah many bad things could have happen so thats why I went back for my phone. Now I know those exact things might not happen but my ripple theroy is soild. It could happen it has a small percent but not really. Also too on my way back to work a smart car decide to pull out in front of me. Man those thing are coffins on wheels who in there right mind buy one of those peices of shit. Its like, look at me I drive a smart car I have one inch of plastic between me and the car in front of me and behind me I hope he doesnt rear end me. Yeah dumb fucks those owners are. Atleast if the get into an accident they can be barried in those shit boxes. Well I should be getting back to work have a great day all and no slacking or being bum at work today.
Nov 11

TFK 11/28/11

Good morning all. Well its monday and man I thought this day would never come. A small part of me is kinda glad being back to work where the other part of me still hates this job. All I know is having a 4 day weekend is just about too long. I still think the whole usa should go to a 3 day weekend system. I feel having 3 days off is the right amount of time. Well besides that how was everyones thanksgiving. Did everyone get there filling of turkey and gravey. All I know I think I am still crapping out turkey and I think the gravey is going to be comming soon. It was good to see dusty in this weekend. He should really not be a stranger and come home more often if he can. Also the bears game made me want to cry yesterday. I ended turning it off at the 3rd so if any one that was able to finish it knows the final score let me know. Well I hope all had a great weekend and also hope you have a great day but I got to get going back to work so later all.
Nov 11

TFK 11/23/11

Good morning all. Well its the day before thanksgiving and fathers across the states are getting ready to fullfill there duty of drinking heavy. Turkey eve night should be fun all I know is that I wont be doing anything stupid. Or will I. On to dusty watch. Day two as I roam through the thicket of the jungle tring to pick up tracks of the imfamous dusty I notice my leads have gone cold. Maybe the creatrue has moved to a new location trying to find a sutiable mate or maybe new feeding grounds. Maybe with the changing of the season it may be preparing its self for a long winter hiberations. Little is actual know of the shy and mysterious dusty. Knoewleged of the dusty is known by a wise shaman of the begordon tribe. As I travel to the begordon tribe I find my first clue of the dusty. The dusty is a big savage beast that I can tell by this tracks. As I reach the begordon tribe I sit down with the wise shaman and ask of his knowings of the dusty and his last whereabouts. The weather is starting to change for the woarst ill have to contuine my search for the dusty when the weather breaks. The wise shaman was nice to ofter sheatler untill the storm has passed. End of dusty watch. If any one has heard or seen this creature please contact me. So for tonight we can meet at my house before we head out. Are watering hole will be name once people show up but it will most likely be the firehouse. Also to winter almost here my car windows where frozen this morning as I left for work. Man I have a feeling winter going to suck this year. Well I got to get going to work. I hope this morning text brought a giggle to your mouth and have a great day all.

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