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Dec 11

TFK 12/12/11

So good morning all. How was everuones weekend. I know my suck balls do to my christmas party I was at on saturday. The only reason I went for the free meal. I would like to thank gordon for sending that picture of a t rex mounting a brown bear from behind really cheer me up. The sad thing as I was sitting down looking at you text you sent peopl over heared my laugh and wanted to see I really did want to show but I did any ways. Atleast they found it to be funny also. Ok now on to the important stuff. If you had to sit and watch a full documentry whos voice would you want to hear and whos voice would you most likely to hear. Your choices are mike rowe, morgan freedmen, james earl jones (aka varder). Now if it was aanimal doc I wouldnt want james earl jones because I would think of lion king too much but for everything else this voice is perfect. Who voice would you chosse I kinda want to know. Well I should get going to work feel like god took a crap on my chest today. You all have a great day.
Dec 11

TFK 12/09/11

Good morning all. Well it finally snow I guess winter is truly here now. How do you guys feel about the snow as of right now I kinda welcome it but I know once we get like a shit ton I would rather not have it then. Maybe this winter we can do some skiing well atleast you guy can ill be drunk or sleding. Yes I can down once maybe ill try twice. Well I got to get going I am busy here as shit and I am feeling a little under the weather hope I dont get sick so have a great day guys
Dec 11

TFK 12/08/11

Good afternoon bitches. Yes this fucker lives. I have a feeling some of you thought I might have been lying face down in a ditch somewhere but I am fine. How is every ones day going. Mines seems to be moving slow. I still havent heard anything from my job interview I had last friday. This saturday I have my companies christmas party so I get a free dinner I guess and they are bringing n lunch for everyone today. Its going to be gryos yeah my favorite. I havent had a good gryos shit in over a month so I cant wait. Also too still no heart burn either. Its got to be well over a week since I had it last. I think this weekend is going to be a nice quite weekend which I am ok with. Its nice to have a weekend from time to time. Maybe ill get in some good kitten killing time. Well I hope your guys day is going better than mine and maybe ill see some of you over the weekend or maybe not who knows.
Dec 11

TFK 12/07/11

Good morning all. Well its hump day and I came into work late today. I forgot to set alaram. When I did get up though a small part of me just wanted to stay home and lay in bed. The wharehouse is cold and boring and it gets even colder when I got to go outside and unload a truck. I guess I am going to have to wear more layers to stay warm which I should. I shouldnt keep my body chilled like I do or ill end up getting sick. Still no heart and I slept really good last night and I still wish I was in bed maybe ill take friday off and sleep in but who knows. I most likely would not do it just because I need the money. Every one do the safety dance sorry its just whats playing on the radio here. Thing that sucks is I have a truck comming in so ill be back. Alright back its fucking cold out side and after unloading the truck the pallet jack I was using ran over part of my foot and now that hurts like a bitch. Ok on to the good stuff. Gordon you would have been proud of me yesterday. I stopat 711 on my way home to get a drink and some chips. The was an older black women by the front of the door. She goes to hold it open for me and says hurry up bigman which was funny. I go inside and proceed to gather my items. Then she ask if I could give here a ride home so I said yes trying to be nice. On the way to her house she was joking around firlting with me so I played along. Then she final say if I wanted to come over and I said yes to see what she said and she like nah you too young I told her I was 30 and she said thags how ol her son is then I drop her off but it was funny and weird at the same time I just thank god she didnt live to far from the 711. So that my crazy story from yesterday. Well I should be getting back to work I have alot to do since I show up late so have a great day all.
Dec 11

TFK 12/06/11

Good morning all. Well today is the day that I hear if I got that job or not so I guess wish me luck. Also too for your info I havent had heart since the last time I bitch about having it so I guess thats a good thing. Also to I am glad you guys took the time yesterday to figure out what that dumb ass did to cause the crash. I guess if you going to make a u turn with no head lights on during the night you kinda need to be side swipe. Like i say dumb ass. Well shit I guess this morning text is going to be a bad one theres a truck that just came gots to go help unload it. Ok well I didnt send the message so I contuine from here. I find it funny that gordon doesnt like battlefield 3 and cant return it because it open. O well gordon I guess you stuck with another veido that you will only play once in a blue moon. You will be suprise I kinda like it. It wasnt that bad of a game. Now I know what your saying matt likes a shooting game again has hell frozen over. No it hasnt people in hel kinda wishes it would though. I even might want to play it some time this weekend maybe. I got to see what the family up to I know my mom feels like cooking another turkey soon and I cant pass that good shit up. Alright guys I should get going you guys have a great day.

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