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Feb 12

TFK 02/06/12

Good morning my bitches. How is everyones morning. I first want to say for joe props on the baconator it was great yesterday. Also had a good time. Sorry I had to leave early the cats where getting to me and I wanted to beat most of the traffic home. On a good note did listen to the game the whole way home and got to see the last 3 and half mins on tv. All and all I am happy with the out come of the game. I guess I just dont like tom brady he just seems so smug but whatever the better team won. I am kinda glad the manning family gets to bring home another champion. Kinda wish it was payton but what can you do when the man was injure all season. So I guess root for his younger brother. Well the tv show walking dead starts back up in like a week. I wonder of this second part of the season is going to be. Let me guess more zombines killing the living and them moving from one place to another. Its a good show they just need to pick up the pace of it. Kinda what they did in the first season. Well as long as tbs plays big bang theroy and sons of anarcarhy comes back for another couple seasons I am good on tv for the next couple of years. You know another ok show is that really doesnt get much attention is 2 broke girls that show has potenthal. Well enough on tv show reviews. Maybe one day ill do just a text on straight tv reviews but untill then have a great day.
Feb 12

TFK 02/03/12

Well since no one execpt gordon took the time to write me a short story I am going to default the cup to him. By the way his stories where terrible but atleast he tried. Even a retarded monkey could have done better than what he did. You guys got untill noon and not a mintue later or the cup is going to gordon. Or maybe thats how I can play poker on saturday. The cup is my entry fee but if I win I dont get the money I get the cup. Second place gets the money minus his orginal buy in. Well looking forward in seeing some stories comming later bitches and have a great day.
Feb 12

TFK 02/02/12

Good morning bitches going to have a busy day. So have a nice one and I look forward to my short stories tomorrow. By the way I might start driving a tank to work do to the fuck tards that wanted to drive into me today. Well have a good one
Feb 12

TFK 02/01/12

Happy hump day every one and a good morning to you all. Well its the first of feb. In gordon news he hired a new ass. I wonder how long he will last. Gordon and agree hes got 3 to 1 odds he wont make it the first month. What do you guys think will he make it or not. I cant wait for friday I really want to here your guys zombine short stories. All I know they better make me laugh. I execpt some grade a work from you guys. Gordon if you ass starts by then I execpt him to write one also. I got to see if he is creative enough to work for you. If he can wow me in a short zombine story he might be woarth keeping. Means he can think on his toes and come up with creative solutions. I dont know give it a thought. His reactions alone might suprise you and give you a idea of what he might be like as a worker. Well thats enough of gordons co worker I am sure with in a few weekes he will get tried of him and let him go. Your ass is like a toy you play with it for a few days then it ends up in the bottom of the toy chest. Untill one day you get the idea to strap fireworks to it and blow it up. Well every one have a good day and enjoy the 45 degree weather we are supposed to have.
Jan 12

TFK 01/31/12

Good morning all. How is everyone morning going. I hope everyone slept well last night. You know what I dont get with people is why would you put so many bumper stickers on the back of your car where you cant even tell what car they are driving. This guy this morning had so many on the back of his car that he started to put them on the rear fenders of the car. Now I know what your thinking how old is this car to have that many stickers on it. Well the car didnt look that old many a few years. Maybe he is an inspire nascar hippee. But anycase when is enough a enough some one needs to have a talk with this guy. Or atleast he needs a good beat down. Can you guys believe this weaather hi of 57 today it might as well be spring. I know chris is happy that its starting to get warmer out. Well ishould get going to work sorry about the delay getting this out forgo to hit send have a great day all. Remeber hippies are just as bad as zombines in my eyes
Jan 12

TFK 01/30/12

Good morning all its monday and of course the weekend went by fast. I did get to watch a cool tv show on how to prepare for an zombine take over. It was kinda funny listen these guys that work for cdc on how in the near future there could be a zombine break out. They had like military people come in and tell us which weapons would be best at close and far range and the even show how to advoid zombine attacks. They called the hands to mouth the funal of death. So theres some bits of info that you made need to use in the near future. All I know is I am ready for it bitches bring it on. Ok I got homework for you guys this week. I want to get a text on friday of a zombine outbeak you make up time place charthers but I want some short stories for friday. Well I hope all of you have a great day and make sure you watch out for an zombine outbreak. I am out of here got to start the days woarth of work

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