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Oct 11

Louie's Premium Pruno Recipe

Louie has learned many skills during his lifetime. One of those was perfecting the art of Pruno. Here is his original recipe. Be on the look out for other exciting flavors at your local super market.

What you will need:
1 gallon resealable plastic baggie
10 peeled oranges (separated)
8oz of fruit cocktail (may substitute canned peaches or pears if desired)
50 cubes or packets of sugar
6 teaspoons or packets of ketchup
16 oz Water
1 clean white sock
3 bath towels

Take the oranges and cocktail mix and put it into the plastic bag and seal it. Try to get most of the air out before the next step so it remains sealed. Then mash the fruit mix until it is the consistency of a paste. Add the water and reseal, once again try to get as much air out as possible. Run the sealed bag under hot tap water for 20-30 minutes, Take the bag and fold it into the 3 bath towels to help insulate the heat. Store in a dark place for 2 days. After 2 days the bag will have ballooned into a ball. Open the bag and add all the sugar. Reseal it again and kneed the bag to dissolve all the sugar. Run under hot tap water again for 30 minutes and rewrap it in a towel. Store once again for 2 days, however this time every 12 hours open the bag slightly for a second to release a little gas. This makes sure the bag doesn't explode. After the 2 days, you will remain releasing the gas for an additional 4 days but after you reseal it run the bag under hot tap water for 20 minutes followed by rewrapping it in the towels. On day 9, open the plastic bag and our contents into the sock to strain out the mixture. Pour over ice into a cup of your choice. Enjoy.

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